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    Default Refuses the bottle...

    DS has decided that he won't take a bottle anymore. I used to supplement him and he had no problems taking it. After I made the decision to be a SAHM this year,(around Aug.) I went back to exclusively nursing him. Well, I had to be out Tuesday night and all day yesterday. He refused to drink from the bottle. My mom gave him his solids, but that was all he would eat! We've also tried the sippy cup to no avail. He's been offered formula, juice and water and will drink none of these. I thought he wasn't taking it because he didn't like the juice and water, but when he wouldn't take the formula (after doing so for the first 4 months of his little life) I was surprised. Any ideas? I tried putting him on the breast, then taking him off and putting the bottle to his lips. He turned away and fussed. Help!
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    This may not help but I know my son did the same thing. I ended up buying all kinds of different bottles until I could find the one he would actually take.

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