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    heatherkofron Guest

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    I just got purely yours breast pump. Can you use other breast milk storage bags other than ameda's when pumping? Do I need to purchase something special to do so?



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    Marissa Guest

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    I use Lansinoh or Gerber bags for storage. You just can't pump into the bag. What I do is pump, then empty the milk into a storage bag to put in the freezer. It works pretty well!

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    heatherkofron Guest

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    thanks. I thought of doing that but wondered if other bags would fit Purely Yours. Those bags are harder to find where I live and are probably more expensive than others.


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    yes they will fit and yes you can pump directly into the bag. They don't come with twist ties so you will have to find your own to attach them to the pump.

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    Marissa Guest

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    Cool! I'll try it tomorrow morning; thanks for the correction!

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