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    I have a 16 day old, my second child, and I am having the same breast-feeding problems I had with #1, inability to produce sufficient milk. Like last time, I have done everything under the sun to increase my milk supply- hired Lactation Consultant, renting/using hospital grade pump, using a supplementer (a device that requires one to TAPE tubes to their nipples while nursing. The tubes are attached to a bottle that provides formula while child is simultaneously nursing), downing Fenugreek at record pace, using ice and heat - and all to no avail.

    I guess I am not surprised given my last experience, but terribly disappointed.

    The real problem is I can not use the supplementer long term (it is too cumbersome and painful) and this baby does not seem able to handle a bottle. He gags and chokes. I have tried Advent, Johnson/Munchkin Healthflow and the Haberman Feed Tube. Nothing seems to work. He cries when I give him any kind of bottle and seems to be in such pain.

    Also, in general, new baby is not taking much formula (about 50% of what his brother took at this stage, even though I do not believe I am producing any more breast milk given my pathetic pumping volumes - .5-1 oz per session from two breasts). At present he is eating about 1-1.5oz of formula per feeding and 9-10 oz per day. He falls asleep very quickly regardless of how I try to feed him, and regardless of who is feeding him, me or husband (when using bottle).


    1. Any suggestions regarding slow flow nipples/bottle systems?
    2. Any ideas how to keep this child awake for feedings - I have tried diaper changes, cold clthes, tickeld feet, talking.

    Sorry for the lengthy post.

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    I can really relate to your feeding problems. When DS was just born we had the same problems trying to get him to take enough formula and to stay awake. He was losing weight and our ped. insisted that we feed him every 2 hrs. at least 2 oz. It took about 1 1/2 hrs. to feed him so that is all we were doing! What we would do was make the room as dark as possible so that he wouldn't be closing his eyes due to the brightness. Then we would strip him down to a diaper(it was Nov. so it was cold). This seemed to keep him on edge enough to get through the feeding. I hated to do it but in the long run it actually helped. We used the Avent bottles and used a stage 2 nipple at our ped. recomendation. She said that sometimes it was just too hard for a baby to drink from the stage 1 nipple and that it made them tired. It didn't drown him and we noticed an immediate change. Of all things this is what I would highly suggest. Feedings went much faster and he was much happier. Hope this helps.

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    I agree with the pp about the stage 2 nipple. Eliza was very hard to feed at first, she would not take enough or suck so hard at the stage one nipples that she would get tired and get gas then fall asleep. We tried a few different brands and then gave up on the stage 1 nipples.

    We found the stage 2 nipple with the ventaire playtex bottles worked the best with her so now that is all we use. It's a bit faster than the stage 1 but not so fast that it gags her since it only flows fast if she sucks hard, she can control those nipples more than others. She went from taking 1-2oz per feeding with the previous bottles to taking at least 3oz and now at 10 weeks is taking 4-6oz per feeding! The switch really helped us. I hope you find something that works with your son soon.

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