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    Jocelyn Guest

    Default Tuna and Mercury


    I just got your baby 411 as a christmas present and I was reading the little section that says which fish NOT to eat when breastfeeding. The old FDA list of fish to avoid:

    King mackerel

    But, not Tuna. I saw a Bill Moyer's NOW special awhile back that exposed the tuna industry's influence on the FDA and thus Tuna's NOT being listed.

    Tuna should REALLY be on that list in the 411 book. I hope the authors will update the next version of their book with this info, even if the FDA won't update their list.

    Thanks for listening,


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    starrynight Guest

    Default RE: Tuna and Mercury

    From what I read, albacore tuna or fresh tuna steaks are the worst. That plain old chunk tuna in the can in moderation is okay due to the processing it goes through.

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