My son refuses to take a bottle of expressed breast milk from my husband,grandmother, aunt and myself. He has been exclusively bf and he puts up a fight like you cannot believe. The most he'll take is an ounce. After that he'll fuss, fight, hold his breath and turn beet red until he basically cries himself to sleep. When he wakes it's the same thing all over again. These sessions last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, of course, taking breaks in between for my son to settle down. We've been trying to introduce the bottle since he was a month old and our BFing was well established. I am going back to work in 3 weeks and am worried that he will not be getting enough to eat. I've done everything everyone has recommended.
I've gone to a different part of the house or left the house completely, gave a shirt with my smell on it, tried different bottles/nipples, tried feeding him before he gets hungry, tried feeding him when he's practically starving and he still refuses. Finally I give in and feed him after 6-8 hours of not taking the bottle and only eating an ounce. I am worried that the dr. will tell me at his next visit that he's failing to thrive. I am so worried that he's not getting enough to eat when he goes on his bottle strikes. How long is too long before I should give in and BF him? Please help...any advice or info will greatly be appreciated.;(