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    julieann Guest

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    What are everyone's opinions on how to start solids? My DS will be 6 mths soon and we are gearing up? Rice cereal 1st? how many times a day? what next?
    Thanks, Julie

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    KMommie Guest

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    We are just about to start solids within the month or so, DD is almost 6 months as well. We plan on starting with a couple of tablespoons of rice cereal mixed with formula, once a day. We'll be starting out soupy and gradually thickening up for texture. A book that was recommended to me here was Child Of Mine by Ellyn Satter. It's been quite helpful. If you look over in the BBB (Feeding Baby section), several have had some tummy issues with rice cereal, so you might want to check it out. Rice cereal is quite constipating and some babies just don't seem to care for rice cereal. We're going to start with rice cereal first, as allergies are a concern for us. From what I've read, solids until they are 12 months or so are really just about texture, getting the baby used to texture in their mouths. The real nutrition should still come from your breastmilk or infant formula. A lot of solids aren't necessary, and I think you just take your cues from what your baby tells you they like and don't like. Have fun!


    mommy to Kiki 4/18/03

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    KUvsOU Guest

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    My son had a terrible time with rice ceral. He had tummy issues like you mentioned and constipation for it. We eventually had to take him off of it and started using some of the other cereals. We also had to give him molasses in his formula several times a day to help with his constipation until he had a larger variety of solid foods.

    Mom of Cade 6/16/02

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    kaceysean Guest

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    my son is past this but i thought that i might be able to help . when i started i gave him oatmeal instead of the rice because he had already had a problem going to the bathroom . but i would put verry little apple sauce (baby) to give it a bit of flavor . he loved it ! but my big problem with him was that he didnt want to eat it off the spoon but i found a bottle that hold the food in it and they can suck it out of the bottle like it was milk . it was great :)

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    kschaeffer Guest

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    When my son was at that stage I gave him oatmeal and put some of the Gerber fruit mixed into it for flavor. He loved it .

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    One of my friends from Mommy Group referred me to this great website about feeding babies/toddlers. It provides guides for what to feed at what stage and gives recipes too.

    Proud Mommy to Martie 4/6/03

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    KMommie Guest

    Default Thanks for the website...

    I just took a glance at it. I think I'll be referring to it quite a bit. It looks really comprehensive. Thank you for sharing it!!

    mommy to Kiki 4/18/03

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