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    Default Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib

    Our baby is almost 6 weeks old and we've been co-sleeping since he was about 5 days b/c he started to hate sleeping in the pack-n-play we had in our room. We didn't plan on co-sleeping but he just couldn't stay asleep after we'd put him in the pnp, he's a big comfort nurser and waking up meant I had to pick him up again, he just wouldn't stay asleep after being put down.. he sleeps well with us, but we'd like to try to get him into his crib. Do you think it is too early to start trying? I'm not ready to let him cry it out yet, I think he's still a little too young for that. Anyone have any tips or should we just wait until he's a little less dependent on me?

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    Default RE: Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib


    We successfully transitioned around 12 weeks, but probably started around 8 weeks. Your DS will still need to wake up for night feeds since he is 6 weeks.

    We transitioned because Martie was getting very active in her sleep and hitting me and it was getting to uncomfortable with her in the bed, so I would put her to sleep in the crib at night and when she woke up she would go back into bed with us. Sometimes there were nights that she refused to sleep in the crib and then I would put her into the crib after she fell asleep in bed with us. Eventually she slept in the crib all night when she started to sleep through the night.

    I did have nights where Martie screamed because she was clearly overtired, and she would scream in my arms, in the swing, in the snuggli, etc So I would put her in the crib for "crying time" to save my sanity and to keep my temper in check. This crying time was more related to her overtiredness rather than being in the crib.

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    Default RE: Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib

    We were in the same situation...I never thought I'd co-sleep! At 10 weeks we were insane with sleep deprivation - baby would only sleep on my chest, but moved a lot. Plus, he was a premmie, so we were feeding him every chance we got. For about a week, I'd have him fall asleep for naps in the car then put his car seat in the crib before he woke up. I also dressed him in the crib, all in the attempt to get him used to it a bit. Then, when we were beyond exhausted, we put him in the crib and let him cry, which took about 30 mins. We were tired enough at that point that we could hear him cry and not pick him up. We were ready for the change, which I think was key. If we hadn't been ready, we would have picked him up after 10 mins. If you aren't ready to make the change, so be it. The time will come soon enough. I do sometimes miss having the little guy asleep on my chest...

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