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    Default Swaddling in September

    I'm due around Labor Day weekend (haha) in September, and I was wondering if it would be too warm to swaddle the baby. I'm so worried about overheating ... but I've been reading that swaddling is an absolute must.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, does anyone use the Miracle Blanket for swaddling?

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    Default RE: Swaddling in September

    DS was born in April and we've been swaddling him all spring and summer long. We use lighter weight blankets for summer and keep the ceiling fan on in his room all the time to keep him cooler. He's slept just fine and rarely wakes up feeling hot. It's been an absolute must for him to sleep well, so we'll keep doing it as long as he'll let us!

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    Default RE: Swaddling in September

    What's the temp in the baby's room? With the temp in DD's room at 78-79 degrees, we were able to swaddle her with the Miracle Blanket with just her diaper. She did not overheat.

    The Miracle Blanket is wonderful! Many of the mothers in my support group have used it successfully and some of them swear by it (but it could also be because their baby is a good sleeper!). We used it until she was 4.5 months and outgrew swaddling. It was an especially nice thing to have when we flew with her (not looking forward to the next trip). We just swaddle her when she became fussy, put her to the breast and watched her fall asleep. She had very good plane rides. :)


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