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    My DD is 17 wks and has regulated her own schedule...the only problem is her naps. I'm wondering if she's not getting enough or if she's not sleeping long enough during her naps. How long is a good nap? How often should she be napping during the day? Any ideas?

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    I am not an expert on this, but my children (I have 3 - 6yrs, 3 1/2 yrs, and 6 mths.) were all going down for a nap about 2 hours after each time they woke up. When it would get close to the 2 hour mark of being awake they would start to get fussy, and I knew it was time. Their naps at your DD's age were not very long - 1 hour to a rare 2 hour. On this schedule they were taking at least 3 naps per day. As their naps started to extend in length (around 6mths) they would take 2 longer naps and one shorter nap each day. They dropped the 3rd late afternoon nap around 9 mths. HTH


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    DS just turned 6 months old. He wakes at 6 am, and is ready for a nap b/w 7:30-8am; this first nap lasts b/w 45 min-1.5 hrs. Prior to a week ago, he would sleep approx 2 hrs after getting up from previous nap (2nd nap b/w 10:30-11 and last 1-2 hrs and a shorter nap of 40 minutes around 3 pm. This past week, his first nap has been the same time/length, but he is now able to stay awake for another 3 hrs and has been getting by with only one other nap on some of these days. The other days he hasn't gotten a long enough 2nd nap and takes a shorter nap around 3pm. His bedtime is 6pm.
    I can't say how long a good nap should be. His tend to vary day to day. If his first nap isn't very long, I will try everything to get him to sleep longer during his second nap (such as rocking him back to sleep if he wakes up 30 minutes after being put down. Sometimes I end up doing this 2-3 times/nap. He is currently teething; prior to teething, I could get by with just going in his room and replacing paci and shooshing him back to sleep. Now I get him out of his crib to comfort him and get him back to sleep for better/longer nap.

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    My son is about 6 1/2 months and nap times are good for us - having trouble with sleeping through the night. He is usually awake b/w 6-7am and up for 2 hours. As mentioned above, at the 2 hour mark he starts to rub his eyes and gets a little fussy. He is almost always down for 45 min (you can set your clock on it). He is then up for 2 hours and down for another 45 min. He has one more nap b/w 2-3pm for about 1.5-2 hours. Sometimes he takes a late afternoon nap but very rarely. He doesn't go to bed, however, until 8pm. I wish I could get him to sleep longer at night. He is usually down 2-3 hours, nurses, then up every 2 hours or so.Recently that has changed to being down for 3-5 hours and then up every 2 hours. I try to make sure he isn't just "stirring" but have a really hard time letting him cry.
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