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    Default What to wear under a sleepsack?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question, but I was wondering what people put under the sleepsacks? Now that it's starting to get cold in Connecticut and oil prices keep going up I'm having a dilemma. My ped says to keep the room 70-74 degrees. That's way too hot for us (and would be crazy expensive--we don't even keep the house that warm in the daytime), so we've kept it at 68 at night. I haven't put DD (5 weeks old) in a sleepsack yet, just footies, but what do you do when it gets cold out? Footies under a sleepsack? Onesie? How do I know if she's too hot or too cold? The only sleepsacks I have are the Carters fleece ones with sleeves, so I don't know if they're warmer or cooler than the Halo ones. I'd like to turn the temp down more (to, say, 62-65) so we don't sweat or go bankrupt, but still keep her warm. Is that possible? We haven't been swaddling her because she seems to do fine without it. Thanks!

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    Default RE: What to wear under a sleepsack?

    My DS is almost 11 months old and we still use the Halo Sleep Sacs (in just a much bigger size!). Since it has gotten colder here recently, I have been putting him in a regular Carter's sleeper with footies and then putting the Halo sleep sac over that. He doesn't seem to be too hot and he is usually a really hot kid. Hope that helps!

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