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    memie Guest

    Default When to Unswaddle?

    DS loves to be swaddle. He is a very active baby and having hard time to settle himself to sleep. He was swaddled from birth to 2.5 months and we stopped swaddling him until last week when he started to roll over. He just master rolling from his back to tummy but not another way, so he cannot go back to his back. He will cry and will not stopp crying until I swaddle him, so we are back to swaddling. Is it ok for his age to be swaddled? He loves to be swaddled tight, too. I usually left one arm unswaddled since he loves his thumb. I cannot even get both arms unswaddled because he will just flailing his arms and cry. What should I do?

    Mommy of Ethan

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    kelly_austin Guest

    Default RE: When to Unswaddle?

    I was just logging on to post the exact same question..I have an almost 4 month old who sleeps beautifully swaddled, and has never really taken to sucking her thumb. we tried last week to leave one arm out and she had a meltdown the few times we did it. How long is it ok to swaddle a baby?

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    memie Guest

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    I guess we are in the same boat. I email the local LLL group and one of the member is a certified the happiest baby in the block instructor and here is her reply:

    You can swaddle your baby for a long time. Some parents do as late as 8-9
    months, if that's what works for the baby. In my training as Happiest baby
    instructor I have learned that you need to follow baby cues. You can start
    weaning the baby at 3 months by letting baby sleep with one arm out of the
    swaddle, but if it does not work, go back to swaddling. I am always
    available for a phone conversation.

    So I guess it's ok. Let me know it you have any more questions


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    csburky Guest

    Default RE: When to Unswaddle?

    I swaddled my son until he was 5 months old. He outgrew the "Miracle Blanket", so we quit at that time. If they made a bigger blanket, we would probably still be swaddling at 11 months!

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