Hi there:
I need your collective wisdom. My 22-month old (who used to be a great through-the-night sleeper) has been waking up in the last couple of weeks in the middle of the night declaring that she is "all done sleep" and looking very fresh and alert. She sometimes wakes up several times and usually she is sleepy and goes right back to sleep. But when she is "all done sleep" and standing and smiling in her crib, it takes about 45 minutes.
Is this developmental? Any advice? No changes in her bedtime routine -- she is in her own room in her own crib.
Last night at 4:45, I found her standing in her crib with her footed fleece sleeper off (she also wears a 2-piece cotton PJ underneath) getting ready to start her day. After 45 minutes of trying to put her down (she wanted water to drink, more water to drink, finally I said no more water, water is asleep, etc.), I gave up and brought her to our bed where she fell asleep.
I would appreciate any insight into this.