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    Default 13 months & only 2 teeth!

    Is she normal? DH is getting concerned that Martie only has her two bottom teeth. She is drooling again, but she started drooling heavily for 2 months prior to the bottom teeth coming in. I'm not feeling anything when I stick my fingers in. When should I be concerned?

    I guess one of the reasons that I'm concerned is that I want to seriously start weaning soon, but I'm afraid of those restless teething nights without my secret weapons.

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    Default RE: 13 months & only 2 teeth!

    I am pretty sure it is normal. My sister didn't get ANY teeth until she was 14 months old, but then they all came in pretty quickly with no warning(this is according to my mother). My mother also said that this didn't seem to make a difference food-wise--she ate everything and just "gummed" it instead of chewing it.

    FWIW, her permanent teeth were "right on time."
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    Default RE: 13 months & only 2 teeth!

    Sonia, I think Martie is definitely normal. Arielle only had 2.5 teeth by 13 months (2 bottom and 1/2 of a top), and she only got her first tooth at nearly a year. We had lots of drooling from about 6 months and on, but no teeth to show for it!:) I weaned Arielle at about 10 months so she also didn't have nursing as a comfort when teething. She had her paci for the first 2 teeth, but I took that away when she turned one. I just relied on Motrin, and she was fine. :) Does Martie have a favorite blanket/lovey that she likes at night? I always hope for a really awful week or two with a few teeth appearing, rather than a few months...but that's just me. And I've yet to get my wish!

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    Default RE: 13 months & only 2 teeth!

    Yep, that's okay. Gabrielle got her first tooth on her first birthday and her next one took a couple months to come in! She just turned two and is STILL missing her eye teeth (but she has molars). LOL
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