Hi -

I realized that I posted this in the BB Lounge, and it's probably more appropriate here. I posted there recently about finding a keepsake book for Maeve now that she's getting older (for birthdays and to keep drawings and things, already had a "baby book")...and I'm still on the hunt for that. I am not a scrapbooker and want something I can throw things in now and then assemble later AND something relatively classic and pretty, SO if you've got any suggestions on that please post!

BUT, along the way, I came across this book made by a grandmother and mother team called "School Days." It has some of the more typical memory pages, but are just one page each so it is really not a true "baby book". It's focus is actually on the memories from their School Days, and I LOVE it. I've never seen anything like it!

It lists each year of their school, starting in Preschool with places to fill in:
*the Year,
*favorites from that school year,
*and then important events that occurred in this year.

The next page is for Class Photographs and then two pages for other Photographs from the year - I would probably do some class events like on holidays and other things (it says for holidays, birthdays, and special events).

So, then it keeps going up from there all the way from First to Senior Year + Graduation with pages to record thier Report Card for each year or any awards they won. Even has pages for Prom and Homecoming for Jr and Sr year!

I just LOVE the idea of keeping all the school things together and having a place to save report cards and the like. It is really beautiful too. Has a picture of a classic school on the front (a sepia old-fashioned looking picture) and is spiral bound. It is really well-made and classic looking.

I got two - one for each girl even though Charlotte is only 3 1/2 months! Maeve is doing a two-day, two's program next year, so I wanted to have a place to save things! I'm just sharing because it is so wonderful. I have NO connection to these wonderful women. I always love to be a mom supporting moms, but I also think this is really a one-of-a-kind!

Here's a link to the page where you can see more (including the pages) and buy it:
(I will confess that I got my two on Ebay for less, so you might watch for that)

Hope some find this useful. It really is something wonderful that I'm glad I stumbled upon!


p.s. Here are new pics of the girls!

Maeve at 22 months

Charlotte at 2 1/2 months