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    juliajaj Guest

    Default 2 year old language development

    DD #1 turned 2 on 8/9. According to the milestone charts, she's low for language development. She says around 10 words, but understands what is being said to her. She makes sounds (somewhat like a grunt or hum), can mimic the cat & makes the sound of several letters (o,e, s, d, z). Other than language development, she's a very healthy, active, loving 2 year old. At her 18 month check up, the doctor wasn't concerned that she wasn't talking very much (maybe 3 words). She said that it's very common for some toddlers to be late talkers, but they catch up quickly. DD's 2 year old check up is 9/16, and I want to discuss language development. Should DD have her hearing checked, go to a specialist, etc?

    Does anyone else have a late blooming talker? Do you have any suggestions on what I can do to help her language development (books, websites for me to read).



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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    Check with your local school district about possibly having her assessed for speech delay. When DS was a little past his second birthday, I was concerned that he wasn't forming 3 word phrases. I had him assessed, and found that while he was within the normal range, he was low normal in some areas, and they want to have him checked again at 3. Of course, in the meantime, his language has really taken off, which isn't uncommon.

    Anyway, someone else may have more information about the assessments, but I think it's a federal program administered by the states, and it's free. If your child is determined to be behind, they will work with her for free. If nothing else, it made me feel better to have DS checked.

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    I was also concerned about DS's language development and was able to have him screened through a program associated with the school district. They said he was "borderline" and sent him to the speech language clinic in town who also said he was "borderline" and said come back in 3 months (after his second birthday.) Since then his language has totally taken off. It was shortly after his second birthday (maybe a month?) that the words just started coming one after another and they haven't slowed down. Both the screening, and any therapy he would have received were going to be covered by the state. I doubt he'll qualify for therapy at this point though. I think there was a switch that flipped in his brain and the key to his talking was just waiting for him to be ready. (Everyone told me this when I was worried, but of course, I didn't believe them. :) )

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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    My son is not talking at all. He just had his 18 month and our pedi said we should call the early intervention specialists to see if he qualifies. We haven't had the appt. yet but this is what happens: 3 people will come out and play with him for an hour or so and then let us know where he stands developmentally...on all things. Gross motor, fine motor, speech, cognitive, etc.

    To be honest, I wasn't concerned that he wasn't talking. He seems healthy and normal..and I've read that boys can be late. I think my doctor just wants to be sure and catch it early if it is anything. If he qualifies...meaning he has a speech for example..then they will work with him weekly. My doctor said we would see what they say and then procede to have his hearing tested as well.

    You should at least speak with your doctor to make you feel better and let him/her know what is going on.

    As far as working with your daughter. Just talking to her constantly. Asking her to repeat words. If she points to something say..." want the cup..that's a cup..can you say cup." And ask her questions and give her time to respond..even though you know she doesn't have the words. It teaches her the flow of converstaion.

    Lastly, don't stress or worry too much. Most kids turn out fine by preschool age. There is a large range of normal development in the early years. Some kids are ahead and some behind.

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    We have a late blooming talker, but I really have no advice. I have talked to DS constantly since birth, giving a play by play of everything we do.

    He actually is a very good communicator. He points, signs and makes up signs. Most of the time, I know exactly what he wants/needs, but he verbalizes very little. He says "blue" and "football" consistently (along with "mama" and "dada"). Other words come sometimes, but not very regularly. He has tremendous receptive language (and his hearing was checked at 8 months), so I know it's not a hearing issue.

    I'm a little stressed about it. DH is not and he is opposed to going to the speech therapy screening. At our 2 year ped appointment, the doctor gave me an early intervention number and speech therapist number and told me to call in about a month or so if DS's language didn't take off.
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    Sarah1 Guest

    Default August Mom--

    > I have talked to DS constantly since birth, giving a play by
    play of everything we do.
    Doesn't it annoy you when parents of "advanced" talkers take all the credit for their kids talking early? One time a mom said to me, "Well, I think she started talking so early because I talk to her so much." As if parents of kids who aren't big talkers don't talk to their kids?!

    Audrey's generally average in terms of her language development, so it's not that I feel defensive about her language skills, but I really can't stand when parents act all smug about their kids being such great talkers! As if they deserve all the credit...I hope when their kids start hitting other kids, they take credit for that too :)

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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    I am not the parent of a late-blooming talker, but I can say that when I was a preschool teacher (2's class) I saw many, many children who came into the classroom in September with very little spoken language and left in May speaking in full sentences--and it had nothing to do with being in preschool, just normal growth. The development between age 2 and age 3 is astonishing! Some children are going to need extra help, and we are lucky to live in a time when there are so many resources out there for parents and kids. It certainly wouldn't hurt to take her for an assessment--previous posters had great ideas.

    But, like Sarah said, don't let parents of advanced talkers make you feel like they did something you didn't. My DS has a fairly large vocabulary and never stops talking, but it has nothing to do with anything I did or didn't do. I talked to him the same amount as any average mother talks to her kids--he is just a talker. In fact, sometimes I wish he would talk a little less! ;-) Think of early/late talkers like early/late walkers--my SIL's DS walked at nine months. Did she walk in front of him more than the average mother? my other SIL's DS didn't walk until 16 months (and never crawled)--did she somehow forget to show him what walking is?
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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    The walking and talking analogy is excellent. Both are developmental milestones that just do NOT happen before the child is physically ready. Now we had other issues, but at 2 my DD was barely talking. At age 3 she talks in complete sentences and has a HUGE and varied vocabulary. She did receive speech therapy, but even the speech therapists agree that she was just not developmentally ready to talk yet at age 2.

    And lest you think it was a gradual increase from 2 to 3, that was not the case. In June, the last time she saw the speech therapist for the school year, she still had VERY limited vocabulary and clarity. I mean her sentences were "milk mama" and "go please". Now her sentences are: "Lets play dress-up mommy! I'll be Princess Aurora and you be Snow White!" She tells long stories and is able to accurately and fully articulate her day for daddy when he comes home from work. She just was NOT ready to talk until a few weeks ago, and then BOOM she TALKED!

    And believe me, NO ONE talked to their child more than I did. Maybe as much, but NOT more. I talked to her from day one ALL DAY LONG! It was extremely irritating to hear people say things like "oh, we talk to her all the time and thats why she spoke so early..." Grrrr.
    There is just a very wide variation on normal.

    Now where I think all that talking comes into play is in their vocabulary when they do start to talk. Once she did start talking, it was astounding to hear "little me"! All my phrases were parroted back to me, even ones I know I have not necessarily said recently, so she was just being a little sponge and absorbing it all.
    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    This is so true (about being a sponge). When I sneezed the other day, Jamie said, "Bless you momma," and socked the socks off of me. He's really just started talking in sentences and I didn't prompt him or anything.

    I think it certainly doesn't hurt to ask your Dr. (my Dr. said Jamie should have 10 words by 2 or she would refer him) but I have a friend who works as a Special Ed. Director and he told me at this age what they're mostly looking for in an otherwise average child is a regression. Even if they are progressing more slowly than other kids their age, the progression is the key - if they're progressing they generally have no problem and suddenly catch up.

    Someone posted a similiar thread a few months ago, right before Jamie's 2nd birthday (or right after?) and I was mentally preparing myself not to expect his speech to take off - so I wouldn't be disappointed - and sure enough, the past week or so, it really has - like sentences and saying "Obviously" at breakfast yesterday.

    Good luck,

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    mamahill Guest

    Default RE: 2 year old language development

    That is a GREAT analogy! Oh, I'm supposed to talk to my child? Well silly me, I've been too busy sleeping in front of her. At least she sleeps well!

    Please. Every child has their turning point. When Ainsleigh turned 2 she was kind of talking, but nothing impressive. Then, a couple weeks later, BAM - she began putting words together and making all sorts of (interesting) sentences. Some kids do it at a year old, and some at 3 years old. I always said that with walking/talking/etc., Ainsleigh just watches and takes notes and then just does it when she's ready.

    But I'm going to start vacuuming more in front of her. Maybe she'll start doing it...

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