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    Default 2 year old birthday gift help

    Hi all,
    We will be having a birthday party for our 2 year old daughter in a few weeks and family members are asking for gift suggestions.

    Is there anything your 2 year old really enjoyed?

    Some items I am considering are a toy camera, cash register, and parking garage but I can't find the ones I want. Does anyone know of a cash register that accepts play coins into a slot sort of like a bank and then you can open the drawer and get the money back out. I would prefer something that isn't too electronic with to many beeps and lights.

    Also Paige always wants to play with our camera. Are there any toy cameras that look realistic and flash?

    And the parking garage I am looking for is one like we had when I was a kid - not sure if they still make it. But it worked with matchbox sized cars and it had an elevator you could crank to the top and the car would roll out and down the parking garage ramp.

    Any tips where to locate the above mentioned type toys or any other suggestions of toys that your 2 year old realy liked would be appreciated.

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    Default RE: 2 year old birthday gift help

    There is a thread in Toys & Media for 2-yr-old girl B-day gifts:

    Don't know where to get what you're lookind for, but I would suggest a play kitchen, play food, Playdoh set, books, sticker books, tricycle, easel, or puzzles.

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    Default RE: 2 year old birthday gift help

    Instead of a toy camera, I would go get a cheapy little camera that really worked. That way it's realistic and it would work.

    I know the garage that you are talking about, I have no idea if they still exist. Have you check e-bay?

    I hope you have a great birthday party.


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    Default RE: 2 year old birthday gift help

    I am not sure this is the same garage you're thinking of, but my (then) almost 2 year old got this garage from Fisher Price for Christmas and likes it:

    It's the Little People garage, and it does come with 2 cars, but matchbox cars would certainly work also. It does have an elevator you push up or down (lever on the side) and has a few other sounds, but it's not overly obnoxious....

    Another smaller thing my DS got for his 2nd birthday was a flashlight from little tykes in the shape of a squeeze the handle and it laughs and opens it's mouth and that's where the head of the flashlight is...he loves carrying it around and making it go off...

    Hope this helps!


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    Default RE: 2 year old birthday gift help

    Is this what you are looking for?

    I found this one at Constructive Playthings- . Someone makes a really nice wood one but I am not sure if it has an elevator. I do know it is super nice but for the life of me, I can't remember who makes it!

    Edited to add- I guess I saw it at Constructive Playthings!

    I second the idea of a cheapie camera...
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