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    Default RE: Need help with DS running into the street

    I have been talking to DS about this since he could walk. We have a concrete driveway, so there are "lines" between the concrete squares. I identified the line that he cannot cross (which happens to line up with the sidewalk). He really seems to grasp this "line" concept. Now that he can power his tricyle and car, he does sometimes go onto the sidewalk, but never into the street.

    We also have a hard and fast rule that he has to hold my hand in parking lots and when we cross the street. Interestingly, when we were out for a walk in the neighborhood, there were some older kids playing in the street with scooters. We talked about how dangerous it is to play in the street, etc. We got home and he told Daddy all about not playing in the street.

    Good luck.
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    Default Thanks!!

    I tried the holding up the car trick yesterday and it worked. He asked if he could hold up the other cars too!

    Thanks for the suggestions, let's hope this little habit stops soon. :P
    Mom to R and R

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