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    Default RE: Ok, is he too OLD for this stuff? Am I babying him?

    Thank you all so much, I feel validated! And just for an FYI, DH completely appreciates the joys of having a baby and is really not pushing hard for Matthew to be a "little man" too soon, despite how I might have made it sound. I think DH, like so many of us, has been falling victim to the comparison thing lately. At DS's birthday party, the other two little boys there were exactly DS's age and neither are in high chairs, cribs, or being rocked to sleep. I think it struck DH that Matthew is "still" doing these things. My mother was also sort of spurring that line of thought too, and you know how much our mothers are EXPERTS! ;-)

    I told DH that if we had a new baby imminent that it would certainly change the bed thing and we should see where things are in six months. The potty training thing, though, is off the table. We have an insert and we'll see what Matthew wants to do with it as time goes on but I'm in no hurry!

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    Default RE: Ok, is he too OLD for this stuff? Am I babying him?

    1. for sleeping in the crib, well IMO unless their is some danger involved ie; climbing out, i see no last "baby" stuck around in his till he was over 3.5yrs ;)

    2. Highchair, unless he's complaining{your child i mean} many chairs are fine for kids up to 3yrs, would your chair work at the table? you know like a booster..this could be a compromise.

    3. well this depends on what your comfy with and how your child will react to the change of the bedtime routine, my son needed & enjoyed the night time comfort..honestly since my kids are older now i can say without a doubt enjoy it while you can still have them small enough to cuddle in your goes by quick.

    4. In this department i am a firm believer in when the child is ready, none of my kids trained till 3.5yrs of coarse i realize every child is different, however what i have learned is by waiting till my kids we're ready i did not encounter half of the problems i have heard, PT'ing was totally painless and simple for us..i'm not trying to brag, i still don't know how they trained so easily LOL :P but again i do think because they wanted to and we're ready that helped me alot in the whole process being pretty painless and simple.

    Funny *i* think of 2yrs as so young, but then i barely have a child young enough anymore to join in these forums, even here :)

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    Default RE: Ok, is he too OLD for this stuff? Am I babying him?

    I don't think you're babying him.

    Crib - DS is 22 months and we're not planning on moving him out of the crib anytime soon. He has not tried to climb out of the crib yet. Personally, I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep knowing he's in a big boy bed and can just get out of bed and roam around whenever.

    Highchair - We feed DS in 2 different places in our house so he uses a high chair in one place and a booster in the other place. I don't see any reason why you need to move him to a booster if he's happy in the high chair, not trying to get out, and still fits.

    Rocking - If he's happy with snuggling, I'd say just continue it.

    Potty training - We are nowhere near potty training!
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    Default RE: Ok, is he too OLD for this stuff? Am I babying him?

    Just wanted to comment that if Riley hadn't come along when she did, Ryan would still be in his crib! He does love his big boy bed though and I didn't think he was ready at all for the move. We do have a Kinderzeat and we use the highchair for playdoh and marker time since he is messy and this is easier for me. That will soon be stopping though since little Miss will start solids (oh no!) in a few months. I would love it if Ryan would rock with us but he is not cuddly like that so I'm envious that you get to do that with Matthew everyday!!!! And the potty thing, why not just get him a seat and just take his lead if he wants to sit in it he will. Nothing wrong with getting him familiarized with one, but pressuring him to use it is the no-no.
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