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    Default RE: DD freaks out about toenails being cut

    We have the exact same problem with Elijah--no problems with fingernails but the toenails are torture. The only way I can get it done with minimal difficulty is if he is sitting in DH's lap and playing a computer game or watching a video. The visuals distract him, DH holds him, and I clip as fast (and carefully!) as I can. Sometimes there are still tears and cries of "No, mommy, you're hurting me!" but it is much improved.

    I'm so glad we aren't the only ones!!! I even asked his pediatrician at his 3yo check up if there was a medical reason for toenail clipping to hurt him. She assured me that his nails and nailbeds were fine, and that he probably just didn't like it and SAID it hurt because he didn't know how to express why he didn't like it.
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    Default RE: DD freaks out about toenails being cut

    She actually went through a phase a few months ago of handing me various stuffed animals and asking me to cut their nails -- and then she'd tell me the animal was crying, ie "Don't doooo that Mommy, Lambie's cryyyyyinnnng." I tried to explain that she wasn't crying, but Margot would actually cover her ears so as not to hear her cries!

    We even cut the dog's nails in from of her to prove it's no big deal -- luckily the dog is silent and pretty good about it.

    Maybe at the next haircut I'll take her down to Pigtails and Crewcuts again and see if that will work. Good idea!

    And thanks for the good wishes. I'm astonished how much more a second pregnancy just plain HURTS. But all in all doing fine. Thanks!

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