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    Default RE: At wit's end... (Long and grumpy.)

    Mary, I think I have to credit you with my favorite saying of the day. "Kids can be irratating". Unfortunately I'm find this statement to be very true today.

    Mommy to my Strawberry Shortcake lovin' Martie

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    Phoebe Guest

    Default RE: At wit's end... (Long and grumpy.)

    I'm glad someone can appreciate my bluntness :) It amazes me what a little devil my son can be - it's nice to know I'm not alone.

    DD 4/01
    DS 6/03

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    Default RE: At wit's end... (Long and grumpy.)

    I don't post too often (I'm a perfectionist and it takes me too long to write and check them) but I thought I might offer up my "diaper hold". I seem to be the only one I know who holds kids this way for diaper changes. Maybe it'll help you. . .

    Everyone I know holds feet in one hand, lift up, wipe off bottom. Well, when I did that with DS, he would twist around so I was holding him upside down in the air by his feet (while still dirty, of course) He was also a big fighter of the dreaded diaper change.

    So what I do, since DD is following in her brother's footsteps, is this: lay child down, head at your right. Take right hand, reach across child to grab upper right thigh in your hand. Left hand is now free to wipe off dirty bottom. Your right arm is across their body, so you can kind of hold them down if child tries to wrestle out of your grasp. (Just reverse directions if you're a lefty)

    I've been doing this "diaper hold" for over 3 years now, and it seems to be pretty effective at containing an unwilling participant at diaper change time.

    HTH a little.

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    Default RE: At wit's end... (Long and grumpy.)

    Hey, I do something like this too! My forearm is behind his knees. Lately, though, if we talk about his winkie enough he starts giggling and I can get even a messy one done without much struggling. Ah, boys.

    Jude, I have no useful advice. It does sound viral to me, but to
    Melissa's point, my son never had extreme fevers with teething. He DID have completely bizarre crying behavior at night, though, which sounds like what you're doing. I thought I would add, though, that some of the complete chaos during the day may be an overtired little girl. If she's teething or otherwise miserable at night and can't sleep, then during the day she's likely to go into "burnt out and crispy" territory, which for my son is much more irrational and aggressive. I hope for your sake she hurries up and cuts that tooth!

    In the meantime, though, that vomiting sure is awful. Has the ped eliminated any possible other physical problem? I completely feel for you. Feel free to b*tch over here any time.

    Mommy to Matthew, who is TWO!

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    Judegirl Guest

    Default Update, and much thanks. :)

    You guys are great! Thank you for reading that ridiculously long vent - and for reminding me it will pass!

    I think Riordan must've read the boards last night, because she was back to her usual self today. LOL - she must've decided to take it easy on Mommy. No vomiting, no hitting, no more maniac behavior than usual. ;) (Yes, when she's overtired she's off the wall.) No fever today, and only a few dirty diapers...her teeth didn't seem to be bothering her too much - nothing here yet, but much less drool today, lol.

    So we'll see what tomorrow brings. She took a 3-hour nap this afternoon (her longest nap EVER!) and dh got her into bed by 8, which is later than her bedtime but much earlier than it's been lately. (She wouldn't go to bed for me - I gave up and gave her to dh...we'd had too good a day for me to ruin it fighting over bedtime!)

    With any luck, we can turn this ship right back around...I really, really appreciate all of your support. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

    And yanno, it never occurred to me to just use disposables...we use them at night, and still I never thought about it being easier, *despite* the fact that we're trying to use only front-velcro/aplix cds!! LOL!!

    Going to sleep soon...

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    Default RE: Update, and much thanks. :)

    Glad to see Riordan seems to be feeling better and is giving her mama a bit of a break!

    Hope you had a decent night's sleep.

    Melissa, mom to Sarah (5/03)

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    barbarhow Guest

    Default RE: Update, and much thanks. :)

    Phew....I was hoping my "It will pass" would come true. I am so glad that it was sooner rather than later. I have had many of these days lately, too. I think it comes with the territory. Hope your ship continues on its 180' course!
    Barbara-mom to Jack 3/27/03, a Red Sox fan
    and Anna 5/12/05, my little Yankee fan!

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    Default RE: Update, and much thanks. :)

    I'm so glad things were better for you - even if just for a day. It's amazing how helpful it can feel just to know that it can be better, even when the bad days keep coming and coming....

    You are going through a lot - congrats for maintaining your sanity!

    Mom of Julia, 8/03

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    Default RE: Update, and much thanks. :)

    Thanks for giving an update. I've been thinking about you today! I hope today was as good as yesterday. :)
    Mommy to
    DS1 11/03
    DS2 5/09

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