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    Default RE: What covers your dining room table?

    Well, what I have is an oilcloth tablecloth that is tied around the legs.

    Let me explain, I have a 2nd hand table that the finish got yucky on and I stripped the top of it years & years ago. Well I never got around to finishing it, so it is still unfinished. My kids were staining, drawing on, and pretty much demolishing my table, so I needed to find some kind of solution to this problem. Last fall, I found, at a craft fair, a lady who makes oilcloth bibs, bags, aprons, play/chalk mats and I bought a bag & kid apron/smocks from her. Well I liked the bag so much I got one for my mom and at the time I was ordering, I got the brilliant idea that oilcloth would make a great (tougher than vinyl) tablecloth. So, I measured my table, verified with her that the bolts she gets is 48" wide, and asked if she'd be willing to make a tablecloth the width of the fabric and a certain length and just finish the edges for me. She made it for me and I added straps & buckles to the edges to go around each leg. Now the tablecloth is strapped to the table, it doesn't move, it is a breeze to clean, and I don't worry about stains (there are a few, I just don't worry about them, lol!). Bonus, it also protects the edges of the table which my daughter constantly gets sticky food on. Now if I can just keep my son from poking holes in it, things will be perfect! LOL! :P

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    Default RE: What covers your dining room table?

    Books! We just have one of those pine inexpensive tables which we eat at. DD is not too messy so I don't bother with a cloth. The books are there to keep her entertained while she eats!

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