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    Default Ortho Evra Study - maybe I should participate?

    Hi all -

    I can't seem to find those articles about the studies showing that Orth Evra patches may cause an increased risk of blood clots. I think I'd like to call them b/c I may be a participant.

    I got pregnant with Charlotte, my youngest, while on the patch - yes, not our plan, but has turned out wonderful all the same. Anyway, I was on the patch literally until the day before I got pregnant and it takes a few weeks to get out of your system.

    At 8 weeks (so only about 4 - 5 wks later), I was hospitalized with a severe blood clot (DVT) that was blocking my vein from my hip to my knee. I was lucky I made it in alive - they told me that in the last 24 - 48 hours, I was at a very likely risk of just dropping dead from a pulmonary embolism.

    They could never find a reason for the clot, no hereditory predisposition, no root causes. Just chalked it up to an increased risk b/c of hormones, but were not really satisfied with that answer b/c this was SO severe, and I was so young and healthy.

    I ended up in the hospital for almost 3 weeks in that first stage (8 weeks - 11 wks) and then back in the end b/c my body starting rejecting the heparin you take at the last stage (had been on lovonox until then). I would have been in on bedrest for a month, but they induced Charlotte early (3 weeks), b/c I was rapidly spiraling downhill in terms of weight and stamina. Thank goodness Charlotte had been taking what she needed - I only gained about 19 pounds after losing a ton in exhaustion at the end - she was 8 lbs of it!

    Don't you think I should find out about the study and call them to see if they want my info? I just think the coincidence is too great - in light of all this recent news.

    Thanks for info if anyone has any -


    p.s. pics of the girls in case you don't see them in my sippy cup post!

    Maeve Mullday Corcoran - 3 yrs

    Charlotte Edel Corcoran - 1 1/2 yrs

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    hjdong Guest

    Default RE: Ortho Evra Study - maybe I should participate?

    I would definately call them. Even if it was was at 8 weeks, like you said, it was 4-5 weeks after you stopped the patch, and it's not like the clot formed the day you were hopsitalized.

    And your girls are so cute!

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