My DD has become an expert staller, particularly at nap time and bed time. Both my DH and I are pretty firm and rarely give in to her stall tactics, but the latest one is throwing us for a loop. She's recently (last two months) potty-trained (only wears a pull-up/diaper at nap times and bed time and often wakes up dry, so we're getting close to trying some sleep time training). The situation is that no matter how often we have her go potty before bed time and no matter how much we restrict liquids in the last hour or so, we inevitably get the "I have to go potty" whine within 5 minutes of tucking her in. We still help her with wiping and pulling up pants, etc., so we take her to the potty and typically she barely goes at all (i.e. she didn't really need to go). This can repeat itself several times per night (all within the first 30 minutes or so after tucking her in) and is 99% of the time just a stall tactic...she doesn't really need to go. During the day, she only goes potty when she really need to (i.e. no small trickle potty trips), so I don't think this is a bladder/physical issue, just a stalling tactic. Anyone else have this problem? My inclination is that there's something wrong with just telling her to go in her pull-up, but it's tempting to tell her no more potty trips.

Any advice?