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    Default Twin Toddlers or Toddlers Close in Age?

    Does anyone have twins out there or two toddlers close in age?

    My twin boys are now 17 m.o. and I find that I'm doing more chasing down, saying 'no', and acting like a 'fool' to keep them from going 'horizontal'. They climb up on the bannister. They run away from me every chance they get. They go in search of wires and the diaper pail. They hit 'defcon 5' on the tantrum meter if they don't get what they want. One has started 'head butting" everything and us when upset. The other grabs my hair on either side of my face and opens his mouth wide as if to bite me (but doesn't). Sure my little guys are awesome and fun, I just never had two toddlers take over my home before...I mean life. Everyone I meet says to me "ooh, it only gets harder" or "I sure wouldn't want to be you" or "I bet they keep you busy".

    I just want to keep them safe. Keep them grounded. Keep them from getting too frustrated. Keep them happy of course and help them grow in every way possible.

    Tips? Is there a good book on toddlers or little boys?

    TIA ;)

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    Default RE: Twin Toddlers or Toddlers Close in Age?

    I feel for you! My twin boys are 2 years and 5 months, and I was never this exhausted, both physically and mentally, when I had my singleton (who is 2 years 4 months older than her brothers).

    Everyone finds different solutions, so I'll just tell you what has worked for me. A good part of that is containment! For example, we have a small playroom right off the kitchen which is pretty well child-proofed, and for the times I don't want them underfoot I put up a gate to keep them in there. The gate comes on and off easily. Since the playroom is child-proofed and has furniture that I don't mind if it gets stained or whatnot, I find I don't have to be telling them no at every turn. Is there a part of your house that you could turn into a "safe" zone in a similar way?

    At this age, they have LOTS and LOTS of energy, so I started making sure we spent a lot of time outdoors where they could run it off -- literally. It helps keep them calmer when they are indoors!

    The head-butting and hair grabbing sound like the reactions of kids who are full of emotions -- frustration, excitement, etc. -- and too young to be able to express themselves with words. I bet this will turn out to be a phase, and will diminish over time as they learn more how to talk. Not that that makes it any easier. With mine, we had a phase where they were biting each other when upset or over-excited.

    I think in many ways it gets easier as they grow older -- or maybe I should just say that the challenges change! Yes, there are difficult moments. But to those who say "I sure wouldn't want to be you," I would reply, "I'm so glad to be me! I wouldn't have it any other way." And that's the truth!

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    Default RE: Twin Toddlers or Toddlers Close in Age?

    Don't feel bad, I have a pair of terrors myself. My twins are b/g and will be two in Dec. If I say no to one, the other tests me by doing what I told the first no to. I have the head butting, fit throwing, climbing, biting...all here in one house. I don't know what to do either. My boy is the only one that head butts normally, although my girl has done it once. He head buts anything when he is mad, his sister, the floor the buggy...not me thankfully though! My girl is the climber, and nothing stands in her way. It is crazy!!

    Good luck in searching answers, i am looking for the miracle cure as well!

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    Default RE: Twin Toddlers or Toddlers Close in Age?

    Mine are 16 months apart, though not really on the spirited side.
    They are a bit more mellow, but they still have their moments and I have many days where I want to bang my head on the wall.

    I find that getting out of the house and going on outings to the park, playground, zoo, other people's houses, helps A LOT. They're better behaved in those situations and get distracted and entertained by what's there that they do not have at home.

    I have found that now, they are starting to play really well together, they still fight too, but the interactive play is occuring a bit more which has helped.

    I do think that for the most part, boys are more into stuff, based on what I see of my friends' kids. But even the spirited ones do better at other people's homes and places.
    HTH a bit

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