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    My 25 mo old only wants MOMMY. Mommy has to push the stroller, bike, wagon. Mommy has to carry. Mommy HAS to be at the slide. This has been going on forever and everyone says that she will grow out of it. I just don't see it happening.

    I have just started bringing her to the gym daycare and she screams the entire time she is there. And she just had her first babysitter -- also screamed until she fell asleep (with some sleep-inducing medicine).

    I just don't know what to do. I try to give her alone time with Daddy, but she just doesn't like as much (esp. if Mommy is anywhere nearby).

    What do I do?


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    HI Anne
    DD was like that. She still is a bit but getting better. For me it was because it was alway the 2 of us. I never left her and DH worked long hours so she was used to me being the one there all the time. She is def way more into daddy now, especially if he has spent time at home, on weekends or days off. I have only left her a few times and she did fine so hopefully your dd will just grow out of the total mummy thing. I think just keep doing what you are doing and she will get used to being with someone else. Good luck.

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    Well, enjoy it while it lasts. I know that sound like lame advice, but my son was similar...until my daughter was born. Now I'm like chopped liver, and for him it's ALL about Daddy Daddy Daddy. Daddy must brush his teeth, put him to bed, take him to daycare, everything. It actually hurts.

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    Being a parent requires such high self esteem... LOL

    My DS has preference, too. If Grammy is around, I can't do anything. For a while the order was: Grammy (my MIL), Daddy, and then Mommy. Now Daddy and Mommy are on equal footing. This morning he wanted Mommy to pick him up, changed his clothes, brush his teeth, and carry him. Yesterday he cried so hard when Daddy left for work and told me that he did not want Mommy, he wanted Daddy... I am a WOHM, so DS is actually used to being cared for by many people (2 days a week with Grammy, 3 days at daycare, 2 days at home).

    Anyway, to the OP, I think just keep introducing other people to her. I think she needs to feel that it is OK to be without Mommy, and Mommy will always come back. I imagine that it is flattering and a pain at the same time to be preferred so much.


    Mommy to DS born 5 Sep 03

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    We went through the Mommy, mommy, mommy phase and I have to say I didn't tire of it :) But I could tell it was hurting my DH. So I gave them more and more "daddy quality time". That worked okay...and he'd cry, but it would give me a much needed break. And then I signed up DH and DS for swim classes...and lots changed! DS loved the pool and swimming and LOVED his special time with Daddy. It creeped into everything else and now I'd say he prefers Daddy to me just ever so slightly!!!! I'm also very pregnant right now so I can't keep up with DS's activity level anyhow. But, I think it's important that you help Daddy come up with something very fun that your DC will love to do with him. It's not going to help much if you just have him change her diapers and brush her teeth more often(two things my DS still hates to do!)....IMHO, I think you really need to help them find something really fun for them to share.

    Best of luck. This was a sucky time for all of us!

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