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    Default 2 year old sleep help

    My son is 26 months. He was always a good sleeper until he turned 2. Now, he is up about 2 - 5 times a night. We followed the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book. When he gets up, we just pick him up and put him back in his bed. He goes without protest. Maybe I shouldn't complain, but I just want him to stay in his bed all night. So, I need help. How can I get him to stay in his bed all night? If he is waking, what can I do to get him to fall back asleep on his own? We've been given some suggestion's - lock his bedroom door, or use a gate. Neither of those are opitions. Please help... I'm pregnant again, and tired...

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    Default RE: 2 year old sleep help

    Does he want to sleep with you? Is that his goal? If so, something our preschool director suggests is making a "nest" for them on your floor (pillow, blanket...). They are welcome to sleep there but not allowed to wake you up. Several of the moms in our preschool class used that method with success.

    Is he willing to go back to his crib? Was he climbing out or did you just give up the crib for other reasons? I would be tempted to go back to the crib if that is an option. He is only 26 months. Given more time you will be able to really lay out the rules and have a good chance of them being followed.

    What happens if you don't respond to his presence?


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    Default RE: 2 year old sleep help

    I don't really have any suggestions, but both of my kids went through a phase of poor sleeping right around that age. My oldest son did it for a few months and then suddenly went back to being a great sleeper again. My youngest one is 24 mo old and currently going through this. My husband and I take turns going to his room to comfort him. He goes back to bed more quickly when my DH goes in to soothe him. Whenever I go in, he wants to nurse (although I thought he had night weaned a few months ago). I don't have much advice, except that it is something that we just had to wait out and it eventually, "fixed" itself. If your 2 yr old is motivated by things like stickers and stuff, maybe doing a sticker chart to motivate him to stay in bed would work. I know that a friend of mine had that problem and it worked for her dd. It would never work for my boys, but all kids are different.
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