I am still pregnant (coming up on 25 weeks) and the other day I saw some very pricey infant "flashcards" in an expensive catalog. They were black, white and red, various shapes, faces, contrasts.

I decided to make a little mobile the other day w / a similar idea. I traced out various 3-4 inch diameter circles using the thin craft foam you can buy. I used red, white and black foam to make various spirals, shapes, faces, etc gluing on the different pieces w/ nontoxic craft glue. I poked a hole in the middle of each and I'll suspend it over the changing table or over the baby gymini for a change of pace. Of course, obviously I wouldn't use it without supervision as the foam isn't meant as a toy to be chewed on, and obviously if I suspend it with string, etc. it could be a strangulation hazard. If you are in the room though and baby isn't able to yet reach it, it shoudl provide some entertainment. I thought it would be neat to do some w/ other colors to change out for variety.

SO many mobiles are made for adults...from underneath, the baby doesn't see a whole lot of stimulating stuff. These can be suspended so that baby has a lot to look at:)