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    gator95 Guest

    Default where to find a rubber stamp of DD's name...

    I'm wanting to make my own birth announcements, thank you's and stationery once DD makes her debut in a few weeks.

    I've been on bedrest for 5 months and won't be allowed up until I'm 37 weeks, so I won't have a lot of time to be out shopping before she comes. Is there an online site I can order a stamp of her name from? All those I have seen are more "office-like" and only have boring fonts. If this can't be done online, what brick and mortar store do I go to to order a stamp? I've got Michaels, Garden Ridge, Jo-Anns, Office Depot, and a few small scrapbooking stores around.

    Any help or recommendations of stores will be greatly appreciated!!

    DD due 3/21/04

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    mom2kandj Guest

    Default RE: where to find a rubber stamp of DD's name...

    Five years ago, DH and I had a stamp made for our wedding favors. It was a re-creation of his family's crest. FWIW, we had a local scrapbook place order the stamp for us. All we had to do was provide a black and white image of the crest and they would do the rest and it only took about a week. I'm sure by now, you would be able to get all that done over the internet. I would call your local scrapbook supply place and ask if they could do your order over the phone and via email. I'm sure that you'll be able to find the perfect font and style on the net. HTH! Good luck!

    mom 2 Katie 12/02/00
    & Jack 04/16/02

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    Jen in Chicago Guest

    Default National Rubber Stamp Company

    I live in Chicago. I bought Jude's stamp here:
    1704 W BELMONT AVE, CHICAGO, IL 60657
    Phone: (773) 281-6522

    I used it for his announcements, Thank You's, and all homemade cards since his birth. Instant personalized stationery thanks to my stamp collection.

    His first, last and middle name in a cute font was $7-9. I did it not too big (2 inches I believe was the size I picked) so I can use it for a variety of things (mostly cards). If you just get letters in one of their fonts it is cheap and they mount it on wood with a handle.

    Good luck!

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    gator95 Guest

    Default RE: National Rubber Stamp Company


    Could you possibly post a pic of Jude's stamp or the things you have made using the stamp?

    Also, do you know if that store has a website?

    Thank you so much!!


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    Jen in Chicago Guest

    Default RE: National Rubber Stamp Company

    It is a small store that mostly does things for businesses. I'll try to post something, but my pictures are normally to big size wise. I do think they can fax you a form. I think you can have them do artwork, but that is very expensive. I just have letters, it is basic, but very funcitional.

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    cma Guest

    Default RE: where to find a rubber stamp of DD's name...

    Have you looked at

    I haven't bought from them, but found their site when I was thinking of what to do with announcements for DS.

    The March 2003 issue of Parents Magazine had some great ideas for making your own announcements.

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    Jen in Chicago Guest

    Default RE: National Rubber Stamp Company

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