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    Imperia Guest

    Default My first scrapbook page!

    I have never scrapbooked before, but I really wanted to start now that Maddy is here. Awhile back I asked for soem advice (and got loads thanks!) but I finally got to work on my first page today. It's totally done and I am pretty pleased with it for my very first try. It's newborn pictures of Maddy and I wanted it to have an elegant sort of feel so I did it in peaches, and creams. The pictures are all sepia...which I admit I like but also to hide the fact that she was VERY jaundiced. I used vellum and eyelets because I love the dreamy quality that it gives a page, and photocorners to give it sort of an old fashioned look. There are two patterned papers (I was sort of scared to use them but I think it looks okay) and some cardstock peeking out underneath.

    I hope you like it. Please feel free to give me any constructive criticism you want to. It is my first one though, so be gentle!

    Oh and it's a digi pic of the page because my scanner is too small to scan a 12 X 12 page.

    *ETA* I edited it because I realized you could read our last name heh.


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    ismommy Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    I think it and she looks very sweet.
    mommy to Isabella
    baby x EDD 1/11/05

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    Krisa Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    Looks like you're an advanced scrapbooker already!

    It' beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!


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    StaceyKim Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    it's beautiful!
    you have inspired me. i need to get busy with my scrapbooking.

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    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    Aww..what a sweetheart! Your page looks super too! Nice job!

    mom to William

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    mommyof5 Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    That's absolutely georgeous! I'm jealous. My pages always look generic and cutesy, not elegant, which is the look I was going for with my girls.

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    Imperia Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I have since done a few more layouts. I really like the last one I did of DD wearing her new Gymboree European Holiday togs. It's so addictive. I just wish I had more time for it.

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    Buffys Mommy Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!


    That definitely is a great page. I can't believe it's your first (And I've been scrapbooking for 10+ years). Enjoy your new found hobby. Maddy will love looking over her books for years to come.

    I definitely need to get my rear in gear with Sarah's book. She's nine months and I've done max 5 pages. I have a lot of them mapped out, but haven't had the time to do them. I have a get together with some friends on the 31st. Hopefully I can get some done then.

    One thing a friend of mine does that I'll share because I think it is amazing... She journals a small blurb on the computer every night for each of her two girls. When she goes to scrapbook that month she prints the journaling (she set up a template and journals directly into the squares). Then she cuts them out and makes a calendar page with them putting misc pictures from that month on the other page. I've started doing it too, but I'm not as diligent as she us. But what a wonderful keepsake for our girls.

    Momma to Sarah 10/13/03

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    mommyof5 Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    What a great idea! I may even just shoot for once a week with my 5 kids! I'm also trying to take a picture each week of the new baby's life. He was born on a Sunday, so I try to do it on Sunday each week so he can easily see how quickly he changed. I tried for every day of the first year of life on my last child, but never succeeded after the first month. Life just gets too busy. I figured that once a week I can handle ;-)

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    Imperia Guest

    Default RE: My first scrapbook page!

    What a sweet idea! I do keep a blog of my own which has now been taken over by all things Maddy. I make sure and list things she has been doing for posterity and also then when I scrapbook (I have become addicted!) I know the dates for things.


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