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    Default Any crocheters/knitters want a project?

    My mom made Lil'bit a crochet blanket and she LOVES it! So I would love to have another one for traveling in the car and at the place I work (I have a major fear of her loosing the one she has). Unfortunately getting my mom to make another is not gonna happen in the near future (lack ot time and arthritis in her hands). I know a lot of you knit and crochet and was wondering if anyone would be able to make me one, or point me in the direction of where to get one? I would supply the materials and pay for the time and give free reign on the type of pattern etc. Any suggestions? (I thought about ebay but havent found anything I like yet and am kinda picky about my yarn anyhow) Thanks for any help! :)

    Oh and I tried making one myself and that was just a disaster!

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    Default RE: Any crocheters/knitters want a project?

    Get the pattern from your mom and get the same kind & color of yarn she used. Do you need a full (same) size blanket? Or are you looking for a reduced-size lovey? My MIL had a blanket crocheted for my DD. When she got attached to it, I got the pattern from the lady who made it, and reduced it to about 1/6 - 1/4 the size of the original. I made 2 loveys that she can now carry around without tripping on it, LOL! If you want a full size, I'm out, but if you're not too pressed for time and want a lovey-size, I could probably do that for you. Not that I need another project, mind you, but I wouldn't want Lil'bit to go around missing her blankie!

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