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    Default Painting wood trains

    Has anyone done this? I went a bit crazy last night a AC Moore and bought parts to make 3 trains for baby gifts. How the heck do you paint the wheels?

    N0-sew blankets have been my previous project.

    Any tips, hints, or pictures of what you have done would be appreciated.


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    Default RE: Painting wood trains

    Two words...spray paint! I would turn them over on their backs and spray paint can paint the whole thing (black, white, or whatever color you want the wheels) and then just go back and paint over the body and any other parts you want different colors. It will act as your base coat which will actually help the other colors stand out better. Sometimes wood will soak in the paint and you will have to add several coats to get it even, by spray painting it first you prevent this from happening, a wheel paint and primer in one basically!

    I also suggest when you are all finished to spray on a clear coat, I like the matte finish over the glossy. It will help the paint from chipping and gives it a nice finished look. (Miss Moose LOVES painting little wooden things and she doesnt always do the best job, but with a clear coat finish they actually look great! It kind of blends in any spots that might have been missed)

    Please post pictures when you are finished, they sound like a lot of fun. :)

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    Jen in Chicago Guest

    Default RE: Painting wood trains

    Great suggestion! Thank you.

    I wanted to start on this earlier this week, and have not had the chance. Due to our current living situation (temp housing) maybe I will do a solid coat on each in white, then add colors. I got those sponge brushes so I could paint them all one color, then accent from there.

    My project gets bigger and bigger all the time.

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