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    can you kool-aid dye silk? I want to make colorful play silks out of some 100% silk you know can you kool-aid dye them, and if so how?

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    quikeye Guest

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    Hi, I think animal fibers work best w. koolaid, but here are a few links on koolid dying (yarn, but has color cards & advice)... also has a koolaid dying forum you my be able to find help in. Good luck, I'm going to be dying some yarns soon, looks cool!

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    NYSarah Guest

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    Silk is an animal fiber, and works fine with kool-aid and other food dyes.

    This fabric dyeing site has [a href=""]specific instructions on dyeing silk scarves with kool-aid[/a], as well as a list of all the dyes you can use on animal fibers (apparently, wilton cake decorating colors work well). And the [a href=""]yarn color chart[/a] mentioned above is a really good reference too.

    good luck!

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