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    Default Crafty moms- need ideas will this work painting on glass to remain outdoors

    I have a mind that imagines crafty things but am not crafty enough to pull them off...but I always imagined if we got a little bungalow that I wanted a porch swing on the front porch and behind it hanging from the ceiling of the porch (to serve almost as a wall or barrier) I wanted to hang a piece of stained glass. Needless to say such art the size needed would cost me more than we can spend...let alone the chance of vandalism or breaking.

    SO I you think I could have a piece of glass painted to resemble stained glass and would it withstand rain etc...

    any ideas from crafty mommies out there...
    I will cross post in crafts also...

    thanks in advance-
    I want to do a decorative fleur d'lys

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    Default RE: Crafty moms- need ideas will this work painting on glass to remain outdoors

    I do not know how weather resistant it is but you can get faux stain glass supplies at most craft stores. The type I'm think of either has or you make "lead" stripping that sticks to the glass and then you fill it in with paint. There are all sorts of effects you make. My only concern would be the glass breaking, but maybe you can use plexiglass instead. Sounds like a wonderful idea though. Be sure to post pictures.

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