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    I was reading someone's post about Dr. Seuss stamps and thought I would share this (not sure if anyone has posted about this yet). When we made DD's announcements last year, we had heard about being able to have a photo turned into postage stamps. We couldn't wait to pick out the perfect newborn pic (Halloween--she was a chili pepper). Well it turns out they were on a trial test with USPS and in the end we weren't able to order them (we didn't know there was a time limit).

    Anyway, earlier this year they started selling them again! We were too late for the announcements, but we are going to order one sheet with a family photo every year to frame as a keepsake (hopefully, they'll still be around). If you're willing to splurge, they'd also be great for announcements, invitations, and holiday cards.

    The cost is pretty high ($16.95 per sheet of 20 for the 37 cent stamps--> i.e. more than double the postage at 85 cents each) and you have to add shipping, too. The cost per sheet will go down a little if you buy multiples, but then you're talking about dropping a pretty penny on postage.

    I don't know much more about the company or have any additional details. I just loved the concept so thought I'd share. IMO the border of the stamps leaves something to be desired (looks a little too computer-generated) and the picture can be of better quality (decent but not great). I also cannot offer any advice on the technical aspects of the photo in terms of loading, cropping, file size, etc. as DH did it for me. If shipping is not an issue and you want to order multiples, you may want to order a test page to make sure you like it (that's what we were going to do for the announcements). Then if you hate it, you'd be only out the $10 or so ($16.95 - $7.20 postage value; use the stamps for bills).

    The website is (click on the green PhotoStamps tab on the right). Definitely a fun idea.

    Happy crafting!

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    Default RE: Photo Stamps - Cards or Keepsakes

    I heard about that and promptly forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder, that is a wonderfull idea. It's too bad your timing for the announcements were off, that would have been so sweet. I remember DH and I thinking that would be cool for Christmas card. Must not forget again.

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