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    Default sewing machine dilema

    Among the many other things breaking down at our house right now, my sewing machine went on the fritz now too!! It's an older Kenmore model (purchased by my mom in 1977 I believe) and has really worked well for me up until now.
    I have called a local repair shop and they think a tune-up/maintenance visit should fix it. Unfortunately that runs $80. My dilema is, should I fork over the money to fix the Kenmore or put the money towards a new machine?
    My budget limit would be around $150, less would be better. I have read the previous posts about purchasing at a sewing machine dealer, but I doubt they would carry anything that inexpensive? The Kenmore only has straight and zig-zag stitches, so I don't really recquire anything fancy. I'd just use to sew hems, occasional pillows or blankets and my latest obsession purses :)
    Any features or particular bands to look for? Any and all input is greatly appreciated. I'm kinda on a deadline. A girlfriend "ordered" a purse from me and now I feel badly not getting the purse done for her quickly, plus it would be a little extra $$ to help pay for all the things breaking down around here!

    Sorry for the long story but I know you girls are great about this stuff.

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    Default RE: sewing machine dilema

    I thinking you should repair your machine. I just purchased a new Janome for $550. It is not top of the line, it's closer to basic. In your price range I think it would be difficult to find a good machine. New singers don't get good reviews. Some Kenmore's are made by Janome but you have to know the product code to be able to tell which ones. If your old machine does everything you want well it's worth fixing.

    I don't know if you've been to they have lots of information on machines and a board to post to with questions.

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    Default RE: sewing machine dilema

    I agree with the PP that you are best off getting your current machine repaired considering your budget. As a second option, I would suggest purchasing a used machine from a dealer. You could probably find a good one in your price range. Most used machines that dealers are selling are from people who have traded up to a more current/fancier model and have been well maintained.

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