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    Default refinishing a dresser!!

    just like the title description says ;) ... we have so beautiful wooded dressers that have been in my DH's family for a long time... but his aunts painted several coats of paint over them, and imo, they are nolonger beautiful :( we want to switch from changing table and small dresser to a dresser instead, preferrably one of the ones we have from DH's grandma.. so, i watched the infomercial on the green paint remover stripper stuff, it looks so easy, has anyone used it before?/ I love that it says it is non-toxic!! this is one of the spring projects i want to do, but i need to find out more about thise green stuff :)
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    Default RE: refinishing a dresser!!

    Oh, dear, this is one of those projects that can be a real problem. It's all going to depend on the type of paint she put on the dressers, how long it's been on there, and the way the surface was prepared before she painted. I'm not sure specifically about the green stuff you're talking about, but I have tried to use several different "non-toxic" strippers and had varying levels of success. :(

    My suggestion would be to remove a drawer if you can, and take it to a local paint shop. Someone there with experience ought to be able to look at it and help you figure out what's on there and what will best remove it. You might be able to use a heat gun (which is not comfortable, and takes time, but doesn't create fumes, at least, the way chemical strippers will).

    Good luck!

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