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    Default Urgent--help needed on paint/ceramics project

    I'm room parent at DS' preschool, and need help on how to do the following project. We want to make a flower pot with the children's fingerprints made into different insects.
    Where should I get the flower pot (small is fine), and what kind should it be?
    Also, what kinds of paints should we use?
    Is it best to go through an unfinished pottery place? I checked a local one today, and they were really expensive.
    I have a parent who can do the painting, but need help figuring out how to do the rest.

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    Default RE: Urgent--help needed on paint/ceramics project

    Off the top of my head: I would get cheap terracotta pots from Lowes, use acrylic paint (water based) and then plan to use some sort of spray sealant afterward. To make the insects, look up "Thumbprint" on Amazon and there are several books of thumbprint art (unless the other parent can already do this).

    Write the kids' names on the pots before you get there, then just hand them out to each kid. That way you don't waste time writing everyone's name. Have some examples of the different bugs on a pot or sheet of paper, so they can choose. Depending on how fast the artist is, you may be able to make the insects right then, or you may have to just do the prints and then finish later.


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    Default RE: Urgent--help needed on paint/ceramics project

    Thanks. We ended up not getting enough donations, so they decided to cancel the project. I might try this with DS, though. I think he would like it.

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