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    Default Weatherproof & Waterproof personalized labels

    Has anyone had any experience using laser labels that are waterproof? I want to personalize them myself either on the computer or on my labelmaker and use them for ds cups and other belongings he'll be taking to preschool.
    I'm looking for suggestions on which labels to get.

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    Default RE: Weatherproof & Waterproof personalized labels


    When DS started Mothers Day Out last year I tried everything: all types of labels I could make on the computer. I bought some that were vinyl that I could write his name on w/ a permanent marker. None of these things worked. Then I wrote his name w/Permanent Marker on his cup and dishes after each wash. That got old too!

    I ended up buying vinyl labels from Stuck on You Labels:

    They are AWESOME! They are still on DS's cups, plates, etc... After a hundred washes etc...

    The only thing I would do differently is put: "The Smith Family" instead of "Curtis Smith" because we are now having baby #2 and she's going to have bottles etc that say "Curtis Smith"

    Smith is not my real last name. It's just an example.

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