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    Thinking of doing a bubble b-day party. Any ideas of fun things to do at it with kids (ages 1-8)? Thanks!

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    We recently went to a children's museum that had a bubble exhibit. The best activity area they had was a table top that was like a shallow pan and it was filled with about half a centimeter of bubble liquid. That was enough for bubble fun. They had many many different bubble wands you could dip into the liquid. Some were the fancy wands that come with bubble toys. Some were just regular household items like a baby-sized clothes hanger (the kind that forms a triangle) you could wave in the air and make bubbles.

    Good luck--sounds like a fun party.

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    Check out
    I just was looking at a craft they had with bubbles. I believe it was a ratio of 1 to 1, mixing bubble solution and tempra paints. They put the mixture in a throw away aluminum pie pan, gave the child a straw to blow bubbles in the mixture. Then they took a piece of paper and put it on top of it, popping the bubbles. It made some really cool prints.

    I'm sure they have lots of other bubble ideas

    HTH and good luck

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    Make sure you add glycerin to the bubble solution it will make them last longer. Also joy detergrent works the best. I great idea is to allow the kids to make there own wands with pipe cleaners. Any shape as long as it is closed with still make a round bubble. This kids get a kick out of it. Have Fun!

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