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    Default Sewing question: Bias Tape

    I have a Disney Princesses blanket that I'm trying to convert to a picnic blanket. It's made of a Polycotton blend, and looks like a small bedspread, in fact like many picnic blankets I've seen, but it lacks a waterproof bottom. I bought some ripstop nylon for that. I am a total novice BTW, hence my question. A friend told me that when I sew the nylon to the blanket, I don't need a special foot on my machine, I just go slow and turn the fabric when I get to the rounded corners. I just wanted to confirm that. Also, the blanket has bias tape as the border, which gives it the "finished" look. My question is, should I take off the current bias tape with a seam ripper, then sew on the nylon, then put the tape back on, or sew the nylon on, the get more new bias tape and finish it off? It would be rather labor intensive I guess to take off the existing bias tap, but I'm willing to do that if it'll work/look better when it's finished. TIA!
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    Default RE: Sewing question: Bias Tape

    I don't think you would need a special foot but it is hard to tell without giving it a try.

    As for the bias tape, I'd buy new bias type. It wouldn't be worth the hassle of trying to remove the old tape. Or if I did feel it needed to be removed, it is likely not to be worth trying to re-use the old stuff. It stretches pretty easily. You'l have to just wait and see if you need to remove the old stuff. I'd be all for trying to leave it.

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    Default RE: Sewing question: Bias Tape

    You shouldn't need a special unless the stitch you use requires it. Go slow in the corners and you may need to lift the presser foot from time to time (with the needle down) to let the fabric turn.

    Nylon, even ripstop, will fray immensely so you will need to bind the edge somehow. New bias tape is probably the easiest.

    Good Luck!
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