Hi! My FIL does woodworking as a hobby and when I saw the ZigZag Tower in Hearthsong, I thought DD would love it. The Cascade Tower would be okay, too...

Here's the Zig Zag Tower:
http://hearthsong.com/hearthsong/product.do?section_id=0&sc=1005&bc=1005&pgc=524&cm value=HS|CROSSSELL|PRODUCT|84

and here's the Cascade Tower:
http://hearthsong.com/hearthsong/product.do?section_id=0&sc=1005&bc=1005&pgc=84&cmv alue=HS|CROSSSELL|PRODUCT|524

Do you know of any websites that would offer a pattern or directions to make these? I tried a basic search last night and came up fruitless.