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    Default Baby books: Aimee J Baby Days Album vs. Baby Feats by Jack's Scrapbooks?

    Does anyone have either of these baby memory books?

    They both are post-bound (Baby Feats is actually a wood cover) so pages can be added. I also like that each of these can be used up to age 5 (one must purchase additional pages from AimeeJ whereas the Baby Feats comes with these pages). The Aimee J is more expensive, especially if you purchase the additional pages.

    I am having a hard time deciding between the two.


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    Default RE: Baby books: Aimee J Baby Days Album vs. Baby Feats by Jack's Scrapbooks?

    I have the aimee J pages but I use a different book for the cover. I really have liked the pages becuase they are so flexible in terms of what you can include. You can do a lot or a little and it isn't so "cookie cutter" like most baby books but isn't as open ended as just making your own scrapbook. I have the baby days pages and the month pages and the borders pages and though I am unfortunately not done with DD's 1st year yet (insert embarrased look here!), I think it will be nice when I do finish it and eventually get to do something for DS!
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