Alice and I are spending the afternoon at a friend's house where the tentative plan is for the adults to knit, embroider, maybe make some jewelry, but she'll be the only little one there. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that she'll need most of my attention, but I'd at least like to try to bring some things to help keep her occupied. I'm figuring the closer they are to what we're doing the more likely she'll enjoy them. Any ideas???

I'm bringing her markers, crayons and paper as well as some playdoh, but I'd also like to get her some new stuff that she'll be using for the first time that day. Do they still make those big wooden beads that string on a shoestring? I've been thinking about some stamps if anyone makes a washable ink stampad. Have plenty of yarn and popsicle sticks but not sure what to have her do with either.

Will look around the craft store tomorrow but was hoping someone here might have some creative ideas!