I've introduced my 18 m.o. twin boys to crayons a little while ago and have attempted to draw with them a number of times. We've been somewhat successful at keeping the crayon on the paper that I tape to their high chair trays BUT every time they end up taking bites of the crayon. I show them the way they should use the crayon and that they shouldn't put it in their mouth but it hasn't worked, yet.

Anyone have any ideas other than being consistant about pulling the crayons out of their mouths?

Today I just ended the Art session because as soon as I cleaned out DSa's mouth DSb took a few nibbles from his red crayon.


Strange posting where no one has posted, hope someone sees this.

Something strange is happening, when I posted last night there were no other posts. When I looked today there are several previous posts. When I login all the post disappear? Straaaaange!