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    Default RE: "It's very unfortunate that you're breastfeeding"

    Last time I checked, this wasn't a physician review panel. Our comments to one another as members of a community are much like what I hear when I talk to my friends IRL. We don't need to speak eloquently or couch our responses in a carefully crafted manner--we're girlfriends (and a couple of guyfriends) chatting with each other! Just because some man has an MD doesn't make him god of all things baby. Doctors make mistakes. Doctors say stupid things. We are not required to blindly follow one man's advice merely because he has a medical degree, especially when that advice is clearly against the majority of experts practicing in his field.

    A member of OUR community, a friend of OURS posted an experience she had and the community responded. This thread has no "goal" other than to commiserate with a fellow parent. As far as limiting posts to sensible and objective comments, I don't think that's your place to decide--and if we only responded to our friends with "sensible and objective comments," I think the world would be a very silent and boring place.

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    Default RE: "It's very unfortunate that you're breastfeeding"

    I just wanted to add that I am a bottle feeding, Enfamil using mother and do not find these boards offensive at all. Everyone seems quite welcoming and while I agree that the majority here are advocates for breastfeeding, I find nothing wrong with it. Breastfeeding is great and so long as formula is not equated with stupidity or evil I don't find advocating for or supporting breastfeeding to be mean spirited in the least. Where I live I do get a lot of sh** for not breastfeeding from perfect strangers, but I have not encountered that on these boards at all. I think you, uncommonsense, are taking sharing a little obtuse doctor sympathy too seriously. I switched lactation consultants when one tried to shame me into being a SAHM ( not my calling- law school awaits and I am married to a domestically minded man). I just did not feel comfortable with her and found that I got better help elsewhere. I would switch peds in a minute if the doctor guilted me for going to bottles after giving breastfeeding my best shot- patients need medical help that is understanding of their choices.

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