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    Default when do they typically self-wean?

    Please dont tell me its any time soon? Lil'bit is almost nine (sniff sniff) months old and already has days where she seems totally uninterested in nursing. At night and in the morning she has no problem but during the day sometimes she just isnt interested. Im worried about my supply because of this move we have been running all over trying to get things done and she has nursed a LOT less during the day but seems to make up for it at night. I am unable to pump to make up for her not nursing so Im going sometime five and six hours with out her taking more then a sip if that. Im not ready to cut out any sessions during the day since she isnt good enough with a cup and frankly Im not ready to wean her yet. Will my supply last at this rate? Is there hope this is just a phase? How will cutting out or down daytime sessions effect my supply? any suggestions to get her more interested? We are finally getting a hang of this nursing thing (knock on wood) and I know Im being totally selfish but Im not ready to give it up. What are your thoughts?

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    It is VERY unusual for a baby to self wean before 18-24 months. Many experts suspect if left to their own choices most children wouldn't wean until 2-3 years old.

    That being said, some babies cut down their nursing quite a bit as they age because there is SO much to do and see that they do not want to waste time eating, heh. I think that might be the case with your DD as she still likes nursing morning and night.

    Have you checked ? Fantastic site, she has a lot of info and advice.


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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    >It is VERY unusual for a baby to self wean before 18-24
    >months. Many experts suspect if left to their own choices
    >most children wouldn't wean until 2-3 years old.

    This is so incredibly untrue, and leaves so many moms feeling guilty because their babies self-wean before age 2. A good friend of mine who is a lactation consultant has two children, and they both self-weaned at 10 months. Colin self-weaned by 19 months. I am part of a huge bf'ing board where many mommies have experienced self-weaning well before 18-24 months.

    It sounds to me like Lil Bit is reverse cycling. She's not nursing less, she's nursing in a different pattern (more at night, less during the day) because you are so busy right now. Plus, this is an age where they get so distracted and less interested in nursing during the day in general. Once things settle down, you'll probably get her to shift her nursing back to the daylight hours again.
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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    ITA with Lori. Two of my best friends had babies that self-weaned before a year. There's just so much more interesting stuff to see and do! Can you try to nurse her somewhere quiet and relatively boring? If you're out and about, maybe the car would be unstimulating enough. But if she's nursing at night, your supply will still be there. You'll get things sorted out when you're all settled.

    And you're not being selfish! You're doing what's best for you AND your baby. She gets all the benefits of breastmilk, and you get the closeness and the reduced breast cancer risk. I don't think she'll mind you being a little stubborn now in the long run. :)

    What an adorable avatar! She looks so happy!


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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    I'm with Lori. I have personal experience with a baby ready to wean before 1 year. My DD has not asked to nurse for a couple of months. I always have to offer the breast and she really puts up a struggle before she settles down and starts nursing. The only reason I haven't let her wean is I wanted to wait until a year to give cow's milk.

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    Some babies do self-wean early, but those numbers are correct if you look at the anthropological research. MOST babies will not self wean at that age, and the average age of child-led weaning is about 4.2. It's worth knowing so that you can try some of the suggestions for coaxing your baby back to the breast, etc. if they're doing the disinterested thing at such a young age. However, if you're offering and meeting your baby's needs and you happen to have one of the rare babies who really is ready to initiate weaning early, you've got nothing to feel guilty or defensive about. But having a child who weans early doesn't make the research untrue. Look up Kathy Dettwyler-- it's fascinating stuff!

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    Cocoa self-weaned at nine months.

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    My DS went through a phase somewhere around 10-12 months when I thought he was self-weaning. Nope!!!!! Looking back, I think he was busy w/other things and adjusting to increased solids. He still nurses at least twice a day at 16 months, although I wouldn't mind if he weaned completely...

    At any rate, no matter what the outcome, you have nothing to feel guilty about - only proud! Good job, Mama!

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    I agree with Lori as well. My son self weaned at 13 months.

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    Default RE: when do they typically self-wean?

    my DS self weaned at 2 years and 2 months! Towards the end it was down to only morning and night but nursing none the less! I've known babies who self wean at 9 or 10 months and some who hang on for quite a while like my DS did..... it depends on the child!

    as far as trying to get her to nurse... they say a sleepy baby will often nurse more ... maybe try to nurse her before or just when she wakes from a nap??? You should attempt to take her in a darkened room.... maybe some mellow music and get her to focus on nursing and not on the exciting world around her. my niece was like that..... she had to take her to a quiet place to get her to really focus on nursing.... she just got too distracted!!!!

    There are a lot of people moms who nurse and can't pump so they just nurse their baby in the morning before, when they return home and during the night..... some are even able to nurse during the day on weekends. Their body just figures it out and knows what to do! How is she doing on solids??? are you attempting to nurse her before meals so she is hungry??? my 1 year I think my son was only nursing maybe 4 times a day and then some at night..... right when waking, before naps and before bed.

    Good Luck.... drinks tons of water and keep offering it to her.... if she is interrested she will nurse!

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