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    Default When did your baby give up his/her bedtime bottle?

    Assuming that your baby took a "bedtime" bottle, when did he/she give it up? We started it when DS was tiny just to get him as full as possible before he went to sleep and we've continued it ever since. He's starting to seem less interested in it, and drinks a lot less than he used to. When and how (Cold turkey vs. gradually? Your choice vs. his/her choice?) did your baby give up his/her bedtime bottle? TIA!

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    Default RE: When did your baby give up his/her bedtime bottle?

    I don't have experience with a bedtime bottle, but DS gets a bedtime BF session daily. Just recently, he's almost 9 months, he's started to be less interested in it, though. It used to be his longest feed, but now it's his shortest.

    I don't know if that will change or not in the future, but in the meantime, he's still sleeping through the night no problem and isn't ravenous in the morning. Sometimes he goes more than 12 hours without being fed anything, and he is fine with it.

    Good Luck!


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