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    Default RE: Labeling Bottles for Daycare

    I have a Brother label maker and made the labels on there when DS was in daycare. I didn't buy waterproof labels, but they did not come off when heating. I peeled them off at the end of every day and put new ones on because we needed to have the date on ours.

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    Default RE: Labeling Bottles for Daycare

    We use plain white address labels from the office supply store and write the information (name, date, amount, contents) with a fine point sharpie. The labels stay on during warming, but peel off pretty easily and the sticky residue comes off with soaking in dishsoap and water. If the residue is stubborn, a little rubbing alcohol does the trick.


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    Default RE: Labeling Bottles for Daycare

    Even daily washing will remove sharpie over time. Ours faded considerably and we would have to relabel every few months.
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    Default RE: Labeling Bottles for Daycare

    We use a Sharpie to write on masking tape to label the bottles. They actually leave a strip of tape with her name and date on it by the refrigerator at daycare that I just stick to the bottles when I drop her off in the morning. They rinse the bottles and send them home with the tape still on. I do the thorough washing at home and have to peel the tape off even after the bottles have been soaking for a while. Daycare warms the bottles by putting them in a crock pot of warm water for about 5 minutes and the tape doesn't come off.

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