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    Default Dieting and Breastfeeding

    Any moms out there have any ideas on how to safely diet while breastfeeding? My new lowfat healthy diet seems to be affecting my milk supply; the hindmilk is rather watery. Ds seems to be a lot crankier and hungrier in the night. When I exercise, my supply decreases. But, I am way over my regular weight (50 lbs.), and it seems unhealthy to stay overweight for another 8 months (until ds's first b-day). Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much! :)

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    Default RE: Dieting and Breastfeeding

    Congratulations on your choice to breastfeed. It can be quite a challenge (I bf for almost 2 years!), but I think you will be happy you made the commitment. I understand your frustration with your weight. Trust me, even when you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight (and you will get there!) your body will never really be the same. You might look up the book Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding by Eileen Behan, R.D. to help you in your quest. I found it to be useful after the birth of my first child. BTW, it took over a year for me to get back to "normal" and that included over 6 months of intense workouts including weightlifting and running at my local gym, so keep thinking positively.

    As far as your hindmilk is concerned, check out your local library for any books by the La Leche League or look up the organization for meetings in your area. In the meantime, make sure to offer your breast to your baby every couple of hours (don't supplement with bottles, since it decreases the quantity of milk you produce), and try beginning each nursing session on the side your baby ended on so he'll have the benefit of that last little bit of hindmilk. Hope this helps. Good luck...Karen

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    Default RE: Dieting and Breastfeeding

    Have you looked into Weight Watchers? I went to Weight Watchers after I quit breastfeeding. But, in their booklet, they have a different point system (more points) for breastfeeding moms. I like WW methods because it is easy to follow, you can eat whatever you want, and the system ensures that you eat enough and don't starve yourself. It might help if you can get your hands on one of their booklets, read the section about breastfeeding moms, and talk to your doctor and/or go to a WW meeting and have the leader explain how the additional points will work for breastfeeding. The system might help you make sure that you are getting enough for baby and still lose weight.

    To find meetings, look at their web site,

    I hope that helps!

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    Default RE: Dieting and Breastfeeding

    I hate to depress you, but, I could never lose any weight at all while breast-feeding. I gained about 22 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter. I lost it immediately after she was born. I remember everyone commenting about how great I looked after just having a baby, etc.I sigh when I see how thin I look in pictures with her as a newborn. But then right away, while breast-feeding, I started packing it on, and in no time I had gained the 22 pounds right back!! It stayed on, for the entire 2 and a quarter years I breastfed her.

    I finally stopped because I was pregnant again, and my breasts were just too sore. Immediately, the pounds started flying off, even though I was pregnant. Fortunately, I had gone to a top-notch breast-feeding support group, and the lactation consultants assured me this happens with some women--that nature makes sure you keep the fat on to keep your milk supply high.

    Anyway, I continued to lose weight throughout my second pregnancy in my arms, face, and legs, but the baby just got bigger and bigger. So my OB/GYN said everything was fine. I only gained a total of 7 pounds at the end, yet my baby was huge. And sure enough, it's happened again. All the weight I lost after he was born flew right back on now that I'm breast-feeding.

    What makes me able to deal with being fat is that I know it's really very short-term in the big scheme of things. I know I'm giving my son the very best start, benefits that will last him his entire life. I know other women who wouldn't breast-feed because they didn't want to ruin their figures, and their kids always seem to be sick. My daughter, on the other hand, got her first cold when she was 3!And she seems to be really intellectually advanced for her age.

    So, please don't worry about weight for now. The excess pounds will fly off you when you stop breast-feeding. Just relax and Enjoy the greatest miracle and gift you'll ever receive, your baby!!

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