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    Default when do baby's start on solids

    My 10 months old already has 8 teeth (and walks) but prefers baby food. she shows interest in our food but only to try it and then spit it out. she has not figured out how to chew yet and hence does not seem to like solids.

    should i be worried. does anyone have a 10 months old that prefers baby food.

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    Default RE: when do baby's start on solids

    I wouldn't worry too much yet. Was your ped concerned at your 9 month appointment?

    Have you tried foods that have just a slightly "harder" texture than baby food? Some good choices are (adult) unsweetened applesauce, cottage cheese, yogurt, tofu, (ripe) avocado, banana, peas, (regular, not baby food) sweet potato, etc. If they have too much texture for her, try really mushing them and mixing them with formula or breastmilk. They will still have more texture than most baby foods! Then gradually make them more texturized. Babies need to "learn" to chew and eat foods with texture, and the important thing is to keep giving her opportunities to practice and develop this skill. Also, have you tried the foods that kids typically LOVE like Cheerios, the Chex cereals, bagels, etc.? These may strike her fancy when other things don't.

    A book that I think is WONDERFUL is "Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense" by Ellyn Satter. She gives excellent, scientifically based recommendations for feeding your child, from introducing your baby to solids through pre-school. I have found this book to be invaluable as we foray through the solids adventure! For example, her book says that studies have shown that it can take 15-20 introductions OF THE SAME FOOD before a baby will accept it! So if you try peas once and she doesn't like them, keep trying them occasionally. She may surprise you!

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    Default RE: when do baby's start on solids

    First of all, anything that is not milk is considered "solid" so it sounds like everything is ok. Some people feel that breast milk is all babies need for the first year so I don't think you have to worry that your baby isn't eating what you eat. Start with Arrowroot cookies which practically melt in the mouth. Cheerios, pirate booty, and Gerber Graduate chips are also good. It took a month of gumming these things before my dd even swollowed anything. They just have to get used to it. Teeth are no indication that babies know how to use them. Just be patient and talk to your doctor if you are still worried. - Emily in NYC
    ps. my baby spits out cottage cheese bc she doesn't like the texture!

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